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Corrective Exercises

Chiropractic Care and Corrective Exercises 

The human body is complex. Chiropractors are just as complex when tending to patient care.  Chiropractic adjustments are merely one aspect in a holistic pain management plan.  Overall care and corrective exercises are integral parts of a complete approach to wellness.


What Are Corrective Exercises?

Many of the aches and pains we feel are related to muscular imbalances. Few people notice themselves favoring one side or the other during daily activities. Muscular imbalances are especially common in people who carry heavy bags around, or spend much of their time picking up children. When a person constantly favors one side of his or her body, that side becomes strong. This inequality in muscle strength can create a shift in joints and tendons, which can result in pain. 

Corrective exercises bring the body into proper alignment by strengthening and stretching areas that have been pulled or twisted out of their normal place.  These misalignments can happen any number of ways. The most common causes are from age, improper form during repetitive movements, and as a result of acute injuries.

Corrective exercises can include a wide variety of different modalities, including stretches, strength exercises, and assisted stretching. Our chiropractor will work with you to create a plan for corrective exercises. You'll learn how to do the exercises at home, so you can make progress between your chiropractic appointments.

Correcting Chronic Tension and Strain

A chiropractor approaches every issue with an open mind. However, many problems stem from minor strains and chronic muscle tension. Adjustments and realignments are great, but they do not address every underlying issue.  Muscle tension creates other weaker, low performing muscle groups. In turn, other structures of the body will have to work double time to compensate and create painful tension and overuse.

Chiropractic Corrective Exercises in Edmonds: Different from Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is an effective practice. However, while chiropractors use some of the same exercises, it is not handled in the same way. Optimal Health Chiropractic and Massage in Edmonds, Washington, provides relief from chronic tension and strain. Whether performing adjustments or other treatments, Dr. Daryll Marshall-Inman leads a team in holistic pain management.  We offer chiropractic careacupuncturespinal rehab, and massage therapy in one building. Our goal is to dispense the best advice, experience, and care, so you live your best, tension-free life.

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