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Chiropractic Care

Welcome to Optimal Health Chiropractic and Massage Clinic, where we provide a range of chiropractic services for car accident injuries, personal injuries, back pain, sports injuries, and other health conditions. Learn more about our approach to chiropractic care and how we can treat your acute or chronic pain resulting from injury. 

Chiropractic Care for Auto Injuries and Personal Injuries in Edmonds

An injury can dramatically affect your quality of life. Overnight, you may not be able to participate in activities you enjoy or go to school or work, because of an auto accident, slip and fall, workplace accident, or other accident.

The good news is chiropractic adjustments can promote healing in injured tissue by bringing blood flow to the area. This increases circulation, activates healing, and reduces inflammation so your levels of pain decrease.

Once we have stabilized the area, we can provide adjustments that promote healing, reduce pressure, and restore mobility to tissue that was damaged. When you are well enough for it, we can even show you stretching and strengthening exercises to help you get back to full health. 

Edmonds Chiropractic Care for Back Pain

chiropractic care in EdmondsOver 50 percent of working Americans say that they experience back pain at some point in the year. If you are among them, you know how difficult it can be to stay focused when your back spasms.

Let our chiropractor identify the source of back pain and promote relief through spinal adjustments. We can help you with back pain, neck pain, slipped discs, muscle strains and sprains, shoulder tension, and more. You no longer have to live in pain.

During an initial consultation, we will locate the pain and assess the extent of injury. We will then provide a series of adjustments that reduce tension and pain, promote back health, and restore your energy levels. 

Treating Sports Injuries in Edmonds

Too often, individuals let a sports injury sideline them from the game. We can help you heal from recent or old sports injuries with targeted chiropractic adjustments. Our techniques are pain free, do not require you to take medication, and focus on restoring the health and mobility of impacted tissue. 

Conditions we can treat include golfer's elbow, tennis elbow, torn rotator cuff, muscle sprains, muscle strains, back injuries, and more. 

With all of our conditions, we focus on providing gentle and light care that will not place you in any pain. You will feel relaxed and refreshed with treatment. Once you are healthy, we can provide lifestyle tips that help you maintain a pain free life and maximize your health and wellness. 

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To get advice and chiropractic care tailored to your unique health care needs, we invite you to call us at Optimal Health Chiropractic and Massage Clinic now to schedule your chiropractic consultation. Simply call 425-329-7266 or complete our online appointment request form to take this important health and wellness step now. 

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